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my force has been unleashed!! - bawbyisnumber1
my force has been unleashed!!
so ive done a partial amount of what i planned on today. first off, my job fucked the fuck up and put force unleashed available for rent right now, rather than on the 15th (or 16th i forget) when its posed to come out - BEST. im playing through the first level now, and i must say this is the best star wars game ever made, hands down. you get to use the force in any way possible - from throwing enemies off cliffs to strangling them to doing whatever. plus you begin as vader. besttttt! ive been looking forward to this game, and im very happy to have it about a week in advance.

i watched half of VISITOR Q before i fell asleep, it was exceptional. it wasnt as gross as i imagined, but its still very weird and very disturbing. lots of weird sex scenes and over the top violence, ftw!

i DID watch hair extensions, it was kickass as fuck. it was violent, had a great plot, great special effects, great everything. it was the sick and twisted japanese horror film i expected it to be, in every way.

tonight im playing force, and ill probably knock out a sin city book as well.

oh and i bought three games today - a bruce lee game for xbox, spiderman 3 special edition (where you get to play as new goblin!) for ps3, and virtua fighter deuce for saturn. solid solid solid!

todays been a kickass day for media, im very happy with how everythings gone!

force unleashed ftw!!!!

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