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OBEY YOUR MASTER! - bawbyisnumber1
today has been so fucking crazy. i havent slept in around 40 hours, im thinking about pushing 80. i think i can. i have reason to by all means, it isnt like im just trying to stay awake. i literally have something i find important to do which i cannot discuss, even here. if you message me maybe ill tell you what it is.
today i bought so much shit, im not even listing it all. i have two things i want to "talk" about, one someone might find offensive, the other everyone should find interesting. ill start with the negativity.

my ex-ex loves telling me i owe her money. its ridiculous. i borrowed like 10 cds from her when we were dating, i fucked them all up, and shes one of those girls (ive had two ina row) who wants to give everything back and get everything back that was given during dating upon breakup. stupid. so i fucked her cds up, and she wants like 200 bucks in compensation. i think its dumb. burn the fuckin cds. download them and burn them. the end. but no. so ive paid her 100 of what she wants, tomorrow im paying her 40, and im calling it quits. shes dumb for thinking im paying her more, and if youre reading this right now amy im just being honest.
today i was on the phone with her, about money, and i told her i forgot to pay her. which i did. i focus on myself a lot. i have a 1 tattooed on my hand. im that self centered, im number one. so i forgot. whoops. the conversation ended when she said im immature as fuck or some shit for my age, i hung up. why? because shes telling me this when she does drugs and drinks in her spare time. theres nothing wrong with that, its just that at our age cmon man. maybe a toke here and there but get real. were too old for that shit. so shut up with calling me a baby, youre a fuckin crackalack. me no care. i told her the 40 is the end of it and after that im never talking to her again. fuck the bitch.

so the positive : metallicas new cd is blowing my mind. i cant believe how good it is. metallica is one of those love-hate relationships for me. i love their earlier shit. its hardcore fucking metal, it fucking rules i dont give a fuck what you have to say about it. AND JUSTICE FOR ALL is some badass metal. MASTER OF PUPPETS is some badass metal. the black album kinda began their slide into fuckin gayness to me. LOAD, and RELOAD, were alternative cds. not metal. they sold the fuck out. thank fucking christ theyve returned to their roots, the new cd sounds like good OLD metallica. i fucking love it. i bought like three of their older cds just because the new one really reminded me how good they COULD be. its fucking brilliant work. it isnt their best cd, but its pretty fucking close - especially because it brought them some fuckin credibility again as a real metal band. buy it now its the shit.
another cd thats the absolute fucking bomb is the new GYM CLASS HEROES cd. its nothing like their previous one. the previous was kickass, but it was all hits. all of it. songs for the radio. the new cd is really experimental, and the lead rapper singer guy sounds like talib on it to me. or mos def. someone with real rap credentials. some decent shit. its fucking great go buy it too.

id say download it, but i got fucking busted for illegally (typo there me thinks..maybe) downloading shit. ridiculous. i got a letter from the cable company saying they got some letter from some other company who busted me downloading IRON MAN. i dont even fuckin remember when i downloaded that bullshit. forever ago. but fuckit now im in the eye of the storm me thinks so me keeps from downloading for now on. i love shopping on itunes anyway.

oh and i got one of my favorite movies today, RETURN OF THE STREET FIGHTER. not street fighter the game type shit but my man SONNY FUCKING CHIBA type shit. hes by far my favorite martial arts actor, and i got the fucker for 3.99 plus my employee discount. fucking best.

todays been great. i might powernap and just continue it. well see. i hope youve enjoyed the best entry ive written so far, even though at this exact moment i havent even reread it. and know what? i bet theres grammar errors and typos and im not even gonna ficks them. see theres a typo right there, although that one was intentional.


- b

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quietlittlegirl From: quietlittlegirl Date: September 15th, 2008 04:45 am (UTC) (Link)
I haven't heard Metallica's new CD, but I'm hopeful. As an aside, I really enjoyed Iron Man, too. I can't imagine doing anything productive after 20 hours straight of being awake, much less 40, and I think I'd start hallucinating well before 80. I would specifically NOT do that kinda thing if there was something important to be done. :p

The differences of people are what make us so great, though.
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