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L - bawbyisnumber1
so, although i mentioned DEATHNOTE briefly in my previous entry, id like to detail why this movie is so fucking good and why you should go to your local comic store and absolutely demand it on dvd immediately.

im a big fan of characters. im a writer myself. characters are what really drive a story. the two main characters in this movie are two of the greatest characters i have ever seen on film. the main character goes from a calm student to a serial killer, and his rival, 'L', is a fucking genius. L is very tactical and smart. both of the characters go through a lot of changes, they evolve. its amazing. you can feel their change, and as the movie progresses, their rivalry. they are one in the same, on opposite ends of a spectrum.

another key element that works very well is suspense. the main character is being chased. the public worships him, but hes a serial killer. a task force, led by L, is sent to find him. as they get closer and closer you feel almost SCARED for Light, the main guy. its amazing.

all of the movie is amazing. the special effects are above standard for an asian film, everything about the flick is above any standard, including my own.

this is a movie that not only you should see, but you deserve to see. its amazing as fuck and is already one of my top five favorite films of all time.

whats great is the fucker runs about two andahalf hours, and the sequel is the same. the two movies are like KILL BILL in that really theyre volumes. its one big story broken into two. so buy both if you can find them. or do like i did and download them. do whatever it takes to get these movies. the possibilities to experience this exist, and are in your hands.

i advise you take advantage of your own capabilities, and do whatever it takes to enjoy this series.

like i said

fucking amazing.

100/10, easily.

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