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GO GO POWER RANGERS!! - bawbyisnumber1
so last night this guy i work with, and a friend of his came over. theyre silly, theyre 19 (i think) and half the shit they talk about relates to sex. its ridiculous. my coworkers friend had just gotten dumped by his gf, because she fucked two different guys on his watch. he wasnt pissed as much as he was sad. he wanted her back. i thought this was very silly. if i was him id be happy she dumped me. fuckin nasty bitch, whyd you wanna be with someone like that anyway? guys are dumb...er rather, boys are dumb.

yesterday i spent about a million dollars on itunes, downloading tv shows. below are the shows with reviews for each.

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS - nothing tops the original. this is one of the best shows ive ever seen, even to this day. a simple breakdown of every episode goes like this : teens in juice bar, monster appears, teens turn into power rangers, prior to fighting monster they fight "putties", then they turn into giant robots, kick monsters ass, go back to juice bar and act a fool. fuckin golden. i love how cheesy the dialogue is, but most of all i love the racism. racism? huh, wuh? ok lookit this - the black ranger is a fucking black guy. the yellow ranger is chinese! need i say more? i love the robots very much. im a big fan of GODZILLA, and the zords are pretty much a total ripoff. what i love the most about them is that the power rangers "care" about the city, but the fuckin zords always tear it apart. best! the episodes i downloaded are worth mentioning too : the GREEN RANGER saga. fucking best!! i love the green ranger, i love how he fucks everything up. he is the ultimate nemesis. literally, as i write this, im watching episode four of five of the green ranger saga, and it is overwhelmingly entertaining. i cannot recommend any higher that you go back in time and watch this series. fucking BEST.

SPIDER-MAN - theres been a shitload of spiderman cartoons, this is one of the better ones : its "cgi", alls of it. it looks really good. the whole universe is kinda in its own territory, if i had to pick one its closest to id say the ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN universe is a pretty close pick. i think this show was on mtv and got cancelled, but i dont see why. its more of a teen-oriented show versus a kids, me likes it a lot.

POWER RANGERS : MYSTIC FORCE - after downloading the original power rangers, i decided to give two other series a day in court, this is one of them. ive only watched half an episode (i only downloaded two) and so far its decent. it isnt as good as the original but fuckit, what is? i like that theres a lot of ancient-style background to it, and in the opening segment of the first episode theres a really badass "epic" battle explaining the rangers origins. ill finish the ep, and watch the second, and overall im *fairly impressed with it. for a modern version of rangers, its pretty fuckin good.

POWER RANGERS :S.P.D. - ill admit, i fucked up a little with this one. i downloaded like eight eps, i should have downloaded two. the story in this one is beyond horrible. i know i shouldnt expect much from acting ina power rangers series but this acting is inexcusable. its terrible. its like a bad porno. the only positive thing about this show is the "zords", which are actually vehicles. theyre pretty much badass as fuck to be honest. theres like a bike and a car and shit, and although id prefer dinosaurs like the original, these are kickass. the megazord is MEGA badass in this series, fucker has a badass pistol and an even more badass sword, and he does insane stunts with both. whats even better is if you thought the megazord in the original didnt give a fuck about the city, wait till you check out the one in this. fucker makes garbage out of the city in this, its hilarious. id check this out for the zords but if you expect anything more than that youll be in for a surprise. a bullshit surprise.

DEATH NOTE - i knew this anime would be kickass. i bought four episodes on dvd just because it came witha really badass figure, and im downloading all but 15 (which i bought yesterday, and by downloading i mean pirating like a dumbass). the 15 i bought are golden. i wrote an entire entry about why i love death note so im not going to go into major detail, but this series does not disappoint. the plot to death note is classic, i love it very much, this anime does the movies justice (although the movies came *after* the anime, i saw the movies first so yeah) and thats about it. buy or download or do whatever it takes to get some form of this story now. the end.

- and thats about that. i have a lot of tv to watch. oh, and i bought (on dvd) the terminator sarah connor chronicles, which is really good. the acting is mediocre but the plot is golden. i love the terminator movies, so of course i love the terminator tv show.

today im staying up all night, and trying to down as much of this shit as possible.

good times!!

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Bobby-b you're a super geek =]

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