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xbox3unshitty - bawbyisnumber1
im so tired and disoriented right now that its actually hard to write.

i cant feel my fingers, i hear the sounds of the keys as i hit them, and im paying more attention to the gum im chewing than i am to what im actually writing.

ive had a ps3 for a while, today i got a 360. i was gonna write about all the games ive played today and shit but im way too out of it. i need sleep, and i need it now.

all ill say is im in love with this system. for a long time i was a nerd-hater of it because i own a ps3, but fuckin shitgodamn ive been missing out.

dead rising - kickass.
mass effect - kickass.
halo 3 - uber kickass.
dead or alive 4 - kickass.
crackdown - mega kickass.

all of these games rule, and i own three of them (the other two are rented. guess which ones i own for a five dollar prize.)

so yeah, my nerdiness has elevated.
ive evolved.

thanks 360!!

- b

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