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three shitty evolves in bobbys mind. - bawbyisnumber1
three shitty evolves in bobbys mind.
so i could write about how i got fired yesterday for no good reason, but instead i have important business to discuss : xbox360.

ive spent a lot of time with this bitch since i got it, and ive decided upon a few key factors when comparing the ps3 to this system -

a) the controller on the ps3 is almost better. i say almost because theres no rumble in most models of the controller that comes bundled, and you have to pay an additional 50 bucks to pick up a controller that does have rumble. the xbox controller has this standard. nice. however, the xbox is a bit bulkier (although they have slimmed it down from the xbox1 controller), and the ps3 one just feels a lot more comfortable. its a great design ps3 has, im glad it hasnt changed much through the ages.

b) the xbox doesnt have the power the ps3 does however the graphics (at this time) are pretty fuckin close to the ps3. the ps3 is a little smoother, the textures look a little better, but overall there is no dramatic difference.

c) the ps3 has bluray. 360 doesnt. nuff said.

d) the library of games on the xbox360 is absolutely amazing. it has to be like three times the size of the ps3's. plus, theres a fuckin SHITLOAD of exclusive titles for the 360 whereas theres like one or two for the ps3. this is great because now that i have a 360, im really enjoying a lot of games i never had the chance to play with the ps3.

e) xbox live is pure pure pure pure pwnage. its the best online setup for a gaming console ever, until ps3 HOME comes out i really believe microsoft is dominating the online market.

f) i wont buy a harddrive for this system unless i find some situation in which i have to. i can understand why youd get one, if you didnt already have a ps3 with a 40 gig hooked up. but really, im just using the 360 for gaming, a memory card works fine, and i see no reason to upgrade.

so overall, if you had to pick this or that id say for right NOW the 360 is the best choice. 199 for the basic bundle (wireless controller, system, memory card, some piece of shit game with uno and pacman) is a really really good deal. thats like sixty more than a ds. ridiculous. the ps3 is a pricey motherfucker. its great by all means, and the truth is in the long run, in 1 - 3 years, the ps3 will be on top. its a fucking powerouse, and it just hasnt had the lifespan of the 360 thus far. investment wise, roll ps3 - immediate wise roll 360. best option, waste your check(S), get both.

right now my top games for 360 are :

NINETY NINE NIGHTS - a great dynasty warriors knockoff
VIVA PINATA - animal crossing meets pokemon meets partytime. fun for all ages.
HALO3 - strictly for the online.
SHADOWRUN - same as above.
and finally, PURE. pure is badass on 360 and ps3, however theres a fuckin lot more people playing online on 360 so i like it better on that console.

i still have COMMAND AND CONQUER 3, GUN, PREY, BIOSHOCK, and VIVA PINATA 2 to get into, but for now those games mentioned above are key for a great gaming experience.

i love my 360.

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