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so today im in the midst of another non-sleep-a-thon. on days like these i tend to have an agenda. today, i have an agenda. what is it? ill tell you!

a) watch three movies - HAIR EXTENSIONS : ive seen parts of this, and i love it. its a japanese horror film about hair killing its owners. classic!
VISITOR Q : another japanese flick, it looks to be about hardcore sexual abuse. its made by one of my favorite directors, TAKASHI MIIKE, so it has to be good.
WRISTCUTTERS : this movie looks adorable, just look at the title.

b) beat (hopefully) NiGHTS, play PANZER DRAGOON. id like to say ill beat pd but i wont, theres no way.

c) go skinny dipping. dumb, i know. ive just never been in a pool naked. i have a pool and i have the ability to be naked. i will put two and two together so i can say ive accomplished something ive never done before, today. i think its going to rain, so itll be lovely im sure.

d) read volume one of BERSERK, and THAT YELLOW BASTARD, a SIN CITY book : i think ive read berserk before, i know ive seen the anime and played the game thats based on the manga - eitherway my homie from work let me borrow it so ill knock that out today. yellow bastard i *havent* read and have meant to for a long time. todays that time.

so there you go, a + b + c + d = megafun. thats how i roll.

its funny to me because the things i see as accomplishments arent really anything much to most people. i find reading a book or beating a game a big deal. like something that NEEDED to be done. most people find it bullshit. i love not living in the norm!

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yesterday i decided to ultimo-treat myself and buy something ive been wanting for quite some time - one of the greatest videogame systems ever : a sega saturn. sega always made good shit in my opinion. every one of their systems, although maybe a mild commercial failure, was grade a. the sega master system was exceptional, and the dreamcast IS my favorite system ever made. the saturn is near-flawless just as those are. i bought the system for one reason, and one reason alone : NiGHTS.
nights is one of the greatest games ever made to me. i remember being a kid, playing the game i actually felt as if i was flying. the controls in this game are some of the best ever to be put on disc, period. the graphics are perfect and hold up even to this day. theyre fun. theyre colorful. they are ideal and perfect for what this game is meant to be. the sound is also perfect. fuckit ima cut to the chase here, everything in this game is pure perfection. this game takes place in another, dreamlike, world and everything that adds up to a world - from sound to atmosphere to pure beauty totally stacks up in this title. this is some of the most fun you could possibly imagine having in a videogame, even to this day. my memories of this game had a lot of hype built into my return to it, and all the hype has been met : this remains one of the greatest experiences i have ever had, not only in gaming but in LIFE. ok maybe not in life but you get the picture, this is the exact nature of the word 'fun', in every regards.

whats funny is nights was only 3.99, and i would have easily paid 40 + for it. i did pay more for another classic, 19.99 for PANZER DRAGOON II - a price well worthwhile for the fun to be had in this title. panzer dragoon is another flawless game, a rail shooter even better than starfox64, a bold statement in my eyes. the story of dragoon is amazing, the graphics and sound (as with nights) hold up to this day, and the game is straight up fun as fuck. panzer and nights make me wonder, why arent simplistic on top, yet a lot of depth inside, type games coming out today? the saturn really had it down. both of these games were made by sega, for their own console, and it makes me wish sega had decided to stick with consoles AND producing games rather than just making games. its sad. this system is over 10 years old, and im honestly enjoying it more than my modern day ps3.

i also bought ULTIMATE MORTAL KOMBAT 3, and although a very solid game, its nothing to write a paragraph about. its mk. i own it on every system, so its fitting i own it on this one too. and no, im not kidding, beyond my nes and dreamcast i do own it on everything i have - from my genesis to my xbox to my ps3 and everything inbetween, i am a die hard mk fanatic. its fun on the saturn, ultimate has some solid babalities (typo there i think) and kickass fatalities, so im happy with my purchase.

whats great is these three games are more than enough to satisfy my game-hunger with the saturn. these three games all make up the perfect experience, and i wont be surprised if i dont buy anything else - although i do have my eye on a few select titles. im just not ina rush. i love what i have, and for a console, that can be a rare thing. usually you get a *little* of what you want in each game. you may get the graphics, you may get the gameplay. its rare to have two games where you get everything, and thats how im satisfied.

i paid 49.99 for my saturn, 3.99 for nights, 19.99 for dragoon, and 9.99 for mk. take out mk, do the math, go buy this shit asap. if youre local, movie trading company should have these titles, if you arent theres always ebay.

i love my sega saturn. the end.

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hello friends.

my girlfriend just broke up with me, but its okay. were both very immature and we really have too much in common, she says. dumb shit to me, i think those are good qualities. she also said she doesnt want to be friends or stay in contact or anything. ZING! harsh much? but its okay! really!
i had fun with her, i hope she had fun with me, and thats what is important!

she pointed out something thats seriously true : i am a walking suicide. as of this moment, i havent slept in like two days. i drink a pot of coffee an hour, and on day-spans like this i smoke 3 - 4 packs of ciggs pretty much chain style, to stay up. clearly this isnt healthy. whats fucked up is i really dont care. i love me. i love my life. if it ended now id be satisfied with how ive lived. so im going to do what i want, regardless of the consequences.

these kinds of things worried her, a lot, and i dont blame her for not wanting to deal with it.

im crazy, really, and thats okay.

i love me very much, i love her very much even if well never talk again, and im not very sad. being sad is a waste of energy, time, and emotion. being happy constantly is the main thing i try to achieve. so thats what im going to do. be happy.

so when your boyfriend or girlfriend dumps you, remember, the best plan of action is to have fun and be happy because that is ideal for you and your life.

so today im going to use this psn card i got, buy some fun games, play them, then later im gonna go to the comic store, buy shit there, read what i buy, listen to music, and have more fun. cuz thats how i roll.

i may treat my body in a negative fashion, but i live my life in a positive one.

happily, i am a walking suicide.

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i love it when a game gets shit reviews on ign.com. typically, when a game gets a bad review there i turn out to love it. most of the time, ign gives out bad scores to games that dont fit the norm. games that arent like other games out. so when i see a bad score, i know im (probably) in luck. theres been a few times that i agree a game does suck, but most of the time i turn out to like what they see as crap.
today i bought two games, both got bad reviews, both are fun.
one is called EVIL ZONE. evil zone is a fighting game that uses two buttons, total. block and attack. like soulcal, you can press left and attack or right and attack for different moves, but the action is pretty simple. so why is this game good? its fun. believe it or not, a two button set up works. the characters are really cool, for the ps1 the graphics are solid, everything about the game is kickass. im a fan of evil zone, ign is not, win win situation!
the other is another fighting game called DESTREGA. i have NO clue why ign gave this game a bad review. its mega fun. you can run all over a level throwing crazy magic out or get up close and personal and fight it up. its sweet. the only complaint i have is in regards to the character design. typically i find one character that looks mega badass and i roll with them. looks-wise there really arent any great characters. thats okay though, the gameplay makes up for it. fun times ahead with this one!
ign also gave another game i bought but havent played a bad review, EVIL DEAD for ps1. they said its a resident evil clone. hmm..resident evil plus evil dead? resident evil dead?! BEST!!
i also picked up a game ign didnt even review, some batman car game. it looks fun. it probably is mediocre, but if it entails driving the batmobile and kicking ass, im beyond totally down.

ive been playing a LOT LOT LOT of games lately. yesterday my girlfriend and i played games for about 10 hrs straight. our eyes literally burned from it. crazy. today im not sleeping, and playing for an even longer period of time.

videogames ftw!!

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today for the first time ever i bought shit on the playstation network. im addicted. i got three of the best games ever, and two movies i know ill love. they are :

a) crash bandicoot (1) : what a fucking brilliant game. ive really missed this shit, to me crash was a pinacle in gaming because it was a 3D platformer. at a time when "3d go anywhere" games were beginning to really come into their own, crash managed to include that to some degree while still remaining an "oldschool style" platformer. everything about the game is great and its cool that the fun still holds up to this day.

b) flOw and its expansion : i didnt really know anything about flow before i bought it besides the fact that its popular. im glad i went with instinct and picked it up, its fun as fuck. its general idea is something used a lot in games nowadays (esp with spore) : you control a creature, you eat other creatures, you evolve. the end. what makes this game great are two things : the atmosphere presented - the music is calming, and the graphics are very simple, yet fitting for the game. its meant to be a calming experience, and it is just that. the other part of what makes it great are the controls. everything (almost everything, rather) is done with the sixaxis, and for once it feels like the developers of a game got the sixaxis right. usually i hate that shit, but its fitting in flow. great, simple game. good times!

c) MORTAL KOMBAT II : i dont need to say much about this game except : its the best mortal kombat, in every respect. perfect fighting engine, perfect character selection, perfect graphics for a mk title, perfect everything. this is probably one of my top three favorite games ever made and now i own it on my ps3. best!!!

and i also bought two movies which are forever on my ps3, they are WRISTCUTTERS, and BATMAN VERSUS DRACULA. ive heard great things about wrist, and although its "THE BATMAN" (a series im not the fondest of, i thought the original animated series and batman beyond were both better, although the batman isnt terrible its just not AS good as the other two) im sure itll still be a great movie. batman and dracula, how can you go wrong?

tomorrow ima get a 20 dollar psn card and pick up SUPER PUZZLE FIGHTER because my gf hasnt played it, and im excited to see her mind explode at the awesomeness of that game.


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The Japanese haiku poet Basho once wrote, "Old pond / a frog jumps / the sound of water." Try writing some of your own haikus about the little things in your life. A haiku generally consists of a five-syllable line, a seven-syllable line and a second five-syllable line. You can also use any combination of ten-to-fourteen syllables.
a tragic ending/ disposal on very fast/ heard head crushing in

once again, rip garfield!!


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about a week ago my girlfriend and i bought a giant fish named garfield. he was orange, and easily the biggest fish in my tank. immediately i noticed him acting funny, he swam upside down - rightside up - sideways - everyway. and he didnt eat, at all. in the week i owned him i seriously NEVER saw him eat. a couple of days ago (or more) it became apparent he was dying, and instead of either a) letting him die in my tank from starvation, or b) letting him die in my tank from other fish pecking away at him (which they were), i decided to take dramatic action. this morning i poked him around a little to see if hed move, and he did, but barely. i really felt bad for the little (erm big) guy. so i took him out of the tank, put him ina bag, and froze him. i figured this was the calmest way to die.
i decided id take his body back to the store to see if i could get credit for another fish. but, the more i thought about this the more morbid it seemed. id feel gross bringing in a dead fish, and id feel bad for the person who had to deal with that sick shit. plus theyd probably just give me another oversized fish - so i did the first thing that came to mind : i put him in the garbage disposal, and turned it on. i hope 15 mins ina freezer killed him, cuz if it didnt a million tiny blades sure as fuck did. the garbage disposal went off like thunder, BRRBRRBRRBRBRBRRRRR it was terrible violent shakings. he was reduced to pulp.

i feel kinda bad about my disgusting actions, but i feel relieved that hes passed already instead of just looking in my tank daily to see if his day has been numbered.

poor fish, rip garfield!!

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its been a while since i really got into an anime. i watch a lot of anime, i catch random episodes of this and that or the once and a while OVA, but its rare for me to *get into* a series. WITCHBLADE is my new series. im obsessed with it. it has action, drama, great dialogue, and great animation. in the last two days ive bought three volumes, and whats funny is i bought volumes 2 and 3 after id only seen one ep from volume one. its that good, i knew after one episode id invest money into the entire series. i loves it!

my gf is sick as fuck, it totally sucks. i feel bad for her and i wish she was here to watch witchblade with me instead of being at home in bed. its ok tho, shell get better!

besides that business ive been sorta working, and uh..thats about it!

oh and im not going to do stand up tomorrow, im pushing it to next week. im still developing my act and i really dont feel comfortable trying it out until i have it done 100 percent. im rolling with some nerd comedy i doubt people in the audience will get but who cares, fuckem. if i laugh thats all that matters!

- b

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Care to reminisce about some favorite (or not so favorite) summer memories?

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If you could live forever how would you spend your time?
id probably do exactly what im doing now, which is to live my life to its absolute fullest. i love to experience new things, i want to experience everything there is to offer in this wonderful world.


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